Juilra Luucht
"i never felt like i was dcing sunething duemb cr stuepid! o


Maid of Mind


7½ alternian sweeps

Chat Handle


Typing Style

Replaces c with o, o with c, u / ou with ue and some with sune. All of it is written in lowcaps and almost no punctuation. this is an example cf hcw she wueld type



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



None yet.


Land of Cliffs and Sky


The Show Must Go On

Juilra Luucht, also known by her handle welkinDaystar, was a Troll from a session of three. Currently, she is dead and roaming the dreambubbles. She can be found most of the time in the #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER memo. Her first name comes from the french word for the month July and her last name is an extended form of the Dutch word 'lucht', meaning air. Her chat name is formed by the unusual words for Sky and Sun.


Although she don't want to remember the part before she dies, she does remember some things. Her Lusus always kept her away from other trolls, protecting her since the trials. The urge of protection faded the more years passed and Juilra became unsocial. One day, three trolls she barely knew from Trollian asked her to take part of a game. Taking the opportunity to become more social with others, she participated with the game. One of them couldn't enter the medium so they were forced to play with three. The odd number of trolls glitched the game, the other trolls thought it would fix if they killed Juilra, so they did. Although she wanted to continue playing the game, she let herself be killed and hasn't got any regret of it. What would've happened if she didn't die?


Juilra is a unsocial and naive troll. Due to her lusus keeping her away since the trials, she doesn't really know how to act towards others and just acts the way she thinks is right. She never lies, but can be easily lied to and believes most of the things you say. Juilra doesn't know anger and only gets a bit pissed if something worse happens. She gets distracted easily, but also can get easily bored. Because of her chaotic and unsocial personality, people view her as weird and stupid.


Her unsocial personality has caused that she hasn't got any relationships. She isn't good at remembering names and only succeeds after asking a few times.


Her Lusus, Cah'lux, is a five feet tall hybrid between a horse and a wolf, with a lion tail and an ingrown bird skull. Her eyes are blank and her fur is soft, although it's falling out at some places. Since her death, Juilra describes her as a huge Bitch, only caring about her self. This is because Cah'lux is not afraid of danger for Juilra and believes she can handle everything by herself now. Juilra doesn't understand this, but still loves her Lusus in a weird way.