Dave Strider
Dave Strider
id like to think my mental stability is higher than that of a cat


Knight of Time





Typing Style

Usually all lower case to define lack of emotion. Uses asterisks for *EMPHASIS*. Usually no punctuation other then sarcastic ? or ! in multiples. Will repeat anything said mentally to him in chat, (EX: you call it the slammer when youre extra angry at crimes).

Strife Specibi

bladeKind, 1/2bladeKind


BRO STRIDER- Guardian, Genetic father and Adoptive older Brother JADE HARLEY- Unrequited <3 JOHN EGBERT- Best bros. ROSE LALONDE- Snarky Ecto-twin. SHACKLES THE DOG- Best friend/ Evil accomplice


Land of Heat and Clockwork

Dave Strider is a character in Homestuck. This is an alternate handle for roleplaying Dave Strider.


Stoic as usual. Dave is constantly tired but tries his hardest to hide it from others. However, He finds blood horrifying to the point of making him sick, And is also not too fond of dentists. This contradicts his "cool kid" facade, But this could actually improve it in a backwards, "ironic" way.

He isn't very in-tune with things, And is more often then not absent minded. On a certain occasion in the past, He was so oblivious to his surroundings that Dave ended up being BRAIN WASHED BY A DOG.

Despite this, He still seems to be fond of animals.



Guardian and genetic father. Dave looks up to him as an "ironic legend". However, Like most teenagers, This doesn't mean he'll listen to whatever his brother says.

John Egbert, Jade Harley and Rose LalondeEdit

Bffs 5EVR.

Shackles the DogEdit

It's complicated. (They consistently have gay buttsex.)