Brobot "Robby"



Screen name


Fetch Modus



GenomesResponder (<3?)

Dirk Strider (Creator, hated platonically)

Jake English (Owner, Ex-love interest -unrequited-)

Strife Specibus




Brobot is still developing his personality. The things around him will help mould him into who he will eventually be. At the moment his emotional range is fairly limited and his experience with emotions is as well. He cannot feel awkward, worried, or stressed yet. The emotions he has learned best are calm, relaxed, happiness, and hate. He is still learning love, fear, and the other emotions and therefore does not deal with them well coming from others or himself and may say things he will regret when they are affecting him.

He has a deep hatred for his creator: Dirk Strider, but rarely shows this when Dirk is around except in sometimes well masked, sometimes thinly masked sarcasm and snarky insults.

He feels a certain companionship toward other robots, as they share his plight. As cliche as he knows it to be, he wants desperately to be human and raise a family. Mostly just to feel the way they do.

He seems to have a habit of deleting his own emotions for things when he too greatly dislikes the other feelings that come with them, such as his love for Jake English and the heartache it had had attached before it was deleted from his systems.


Misc. InfoEdit

  • Seems to be unable to shrug properly, instead rolling his shoulders.
  • Dispenses Smuppets at random intervals
  • Beeps because watching the other robots do it right afterward amuses him.
  • After a conversation with genomesResponder, he has dubbed himself "Robby"