Drakax Kaiser
Tek Troll
Mess with a Gambligant, you get a cutlass in the head.


Rogue of Insanity

Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus

Darkness - More important the item, the brighter the light.The most important item to him is his family picture with Drakax and his parents. It basically lights the whole Sylladex up. If it gets lost, the next item that's important lights up a part of the sylladex, until it's pitch black.


nasodPrince - Brotherly(?) Figure/Close Friend

linkKamehameha - Close Annoyance/Friend

Vriska Serket - Ancestor

Eridan Ampora - Ancestor

Unknown - Mother, Deceased

Unknown - Father, Deceased


Believed to be 6 solar sweeps, true age is unknown


Capricorn insignia on coat, 2 orbs of blue and red on black T-Shirt

Typing Style

Attempts to talk like this, but sometimes his fingers slip up and tlak likme this((That messup was intended.


Land of Nasods and Berserkers




Darkness of the Unknown, Tension Rising, Forze Del Male


Okay people, this is STRICTLY AU canon. So hush hush.

Alternia LifeEdit

Drakax's life on Alternia is a bit hard on him, since every Troll has parents instead of those giant genetic material drone things, and his parents were both Gambligants, so they kept pushing him to be a Gambligant like them, often lashing out at him with their weapons, trying to make him tougher. That was before it happened. The day of the murder. A tall, dark Troll came in with a gun, and shot both of Drakax's parents.

During the NightEdit

During the night on Alternia, several gangs of thugs come up to Drakax's Hive to try to kill him, and sometimes, a few thugs get inside Drakax's hive, and he has to defend himself with his father's lucky cutlass. Drakax got so used to hearing the suffering screams of death from his various victims, causing him to go insane every month on a certain day, just to slaughter hundreds of innocent Trolls. What surprises most of the Trolls, is how he hasn't been captured and executed by now. This has affected him in many ways.

That one moment in the memo with Terezi and KarkatEdit

Death hugs were given, blood((Mostly from my Troll)) was spilled and licked, flailing around appeared frequently, and a Karkat in a corner.

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