Xythem Adoran
s0 wHaTs a11 THis TH3n?

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Knight of Heart


7.5 Alternian Solar Sweeps (roughly 16 Earth Years)



Typing Style

l = 1, e = 3, o = 0a. H, M, T, X, and Y are capitalized. Uses words such as "cannae" in place of "can't", "ya" and "yer" in place of "you" and "your/you're", etc. Often does not use periods, commas, or apostrophes.



Strife Specibi

No information

Fetch Modus

Array - However, he seems to use it exclusively to store appearified human food, carrying anything else he needs the old fashioned way.


geistsCartoonist (<3)


Land of Ink and Bone



Xythem Adoran, also known as tachyonCartographer on Pesterchum/Trollian, is a local on @R41NBOW_RUMPUS_P4RTY_TOWN. An egocentric, narcissistic Greenblood, Xythem isn't particularly good at making friends. His symbol is a Leo ♌ and his typing quirk (which capitalizes the letters of his first name and converts the letters L, E, and O to numbers) reflects his high opinion of himself, as well as a verbal accent reminiscent of Terran Scottish.


Xythem doesn't talk much about his past, and as thus little is actually known. However, he is known to be a former FLARP player, who quit playing after "c3rTain accid3nTs caus3d c3rTain d3aTHs" that Xythem has so far been unwilling to discuss to anyone other than Sheri or Zytuna. He has since rejoined FLARP after finding several relics from a possible, unidentified Ancestor.

While he has yet to enter Sgrub, he has been considering starting the game with Zytuna and her friends.


Xythem is a very self-centered, egotistic young troll. Having no regard for the caste system of the Hemospectrum, he has made a habit of acting hostile towards those of higher blood than him. While most teal-blooded trolls seem to be outside of his racism's jurisdiction, he rarely, if ever, refers to anyone higher by anything other than either blood color or 'fish' in the case of sea dwellers.

Xythem also has a penchant for the color red; he has often regarded it as his favorite color. After coming into contact with a race of creatures known as humans, he has grown increasingly interested in their culture.


Xythem's Moirallegiance with Zytuna has recently shifted into the flushed quadrant. The long-running pale relationship continues in largely the same way it did before.


Xythem claims to have had a feline Lusus, but it died when he was 5 sweeps old. He largely fed himself by eating the Lusii of his opponents in FLARP, but after quitting the game he has come to largely rely on others for food, and dines largely on appearified human cuisine.


  • Xythem's eye color bled into his irises early, leading them to be a green color. He prefers to conceal this fact behind a pair of shades.
  • He is also particularly fond of hugs, pets, and scratches; forms of affection that quickly betray his poorly constructed cool kid facade.
  • Xythem is sensitive about his single fang; he claims its' partner was broken off in a fight to cover up this dental malformation.