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Strife Specibi

Her teeth and claws, baby.

Silver, a cat, somehow found her way from RiverClan, then MegaBoneClan, a kitstealer Clan, to the R4INBOW_RUMPUS_P4RTY_TOWN memo, and is very fond of the place, despite her constant complaints of being around the people there too much. You can catch her replacing "Oh my God" with "Oh my StarClan," or even "cod" or "gog".


Silver was born into a rogue life with a cruel mother and two idiot brothers. When her dad found out how her mom was treating her, they had an argument, and her father was killed and her mother and brothers left her to fend for herself. She found her way to RiverClan, where she grew up just like one of them. When she got into a fight with a Clanmate that ended up with her nearly killing them, she was exiled, and she found her way to MBC, or MegaBoneClan, where she finally truly fit in. She earned her final place in the Clan as one of the leaders, before the Clan was torn apart. And then she somehow got where she is now.


Silver has a touch of bipolar to her. She can be caring, kind, sweet, tolerating, cruel, mean, anything really. Mostly just very smart-mouthed. Witty, if you will. Touchy, even. It all depends on how her day goes. One thing she usually is not is self-centered. She cares about others, no matter what it seems. She can't bear to see others in pain. Unless she truly despises them.


Silver had a mate in MBC, and they had two kittens together. As of now, she has friendships, but nothing more.

Soon to be Silver

"What was the point of THAT?!"


  • A scratch behind the ears means you automatically get a purr, no matter the mood Silver is in.
  • Completely terrified of most dogs, although she has a few friends.
  • Loves water. No joke.