Now I really always hope to not have to make these pages, but they're unfortunately needed. Below are bannable offenses, warning of course given beforehand however. Repeat offenders will eventually be banned.

  1. Do not make unauthorised major edits to other people's personal pages. Major edits would include deleteing large sections, vandalising their pages and such other things. Proof reading is a minor edit, so it is fine to do that to other people's pages. (infact correcting peoples typos is rather encouraged!)
  2. No unappropriate content. I'm sure you understand what I mean here. There could be children around. Infact there probably will be.
  3. Harassing other members is not tolerated. Fighting in general is. Don't be a meanie! :u Be nice and civil to everyone, and if someone is causing a problem, don't act like them back, it just makes you get involved in the problem.
  4. I think that's all????

Below are more consistancy and wiki neatness rules, which are important but are unlikely to lead to a ban. It can lead to admins making funny edits on your pages however, as a warning to fix your page up (Don't worry, just use the rollback ability on the page to fix it ;) ).

  1. Sign your character pages at the bottom, so we know whose character is whose and such. Make a list of your characters on your user page as well.
  2. Use the 'Profile Tutorial' as a reference as to how yours should look. exampleKid's page is a good example of the style needed on your character profile.