Do you like games? Because I like games. I like games... a lot.


Rebecca Salbei


19 Years Old


Sage of Rage

Typing Style

Speaks with correct grammar and punctuation.


Various game-themed T-shirts which swap with her wardrobifier

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Lyrical Modus - There's a four-line lyric about each item, which she must finish in order to withdraw it


insanEngineer (<>)


Land of Crags and Moss




Rebecca is a Human who plays games and collects game-related memorabilia.


A backwards, but friendly, northerly neighbor to the American Humans, Rebecca is one of the last living examples that people can be cool; they just may be recluse, and not retarded. She sees things in a certain light many don't; Usually a light filtered through a thick, filmy layer of blood and the drama/humor masks.

Her passions lie in the arts. Namely video games. Hooo boy, let her tell you about video games. Video Games are an art that is constantly thriving and dieing, perhaps sometimes simultaneously, and one that may never be perfected. She will, with her best friend, have half-day long discussions over them; Generally ones that were MEANT to be discussed over, and others that just are so much pure shit they are great. She will tell you how she wishes for the next installment for her favorite series to shatter the very foundations of the gaming mold, and reform it to make a new one, rocking the very fabric of creation that the artists who made games prior to it had known.

Her interests are not solely limited to video games, however. She's taken a liking to painted art, musics, reading, and writing. A truly exceptional reader, she could likely read, and re-read, a dictionary in a few days; Or even a single day if she did nothing but that. Her own artisan skills are not be forgotten about either; She has a talent for drawing on paper, and has an affectionate liking for sprite creation. As with most, if not all artists, she thinks her works are pretty bad, when they are rather great in reality.

She could probably live anywhere if she took her trench coat with her. As weathered as she is, it truly is her home. A survivalist by will, a realist by nature, a genius by trade and trial, she is the best friend to Ryan Auspex, insanEngineer. It's likely he took to her because he was one of, if not the, first people he met that was good, intelligent company that wasn't so full of their own shit they sneezed to defecate. If they ever met, it would truly be a cold day in Hell, the fury they would conjure.