Tarott Tarouu

Tarott tarouu
Tarott-post hivebent
Greettings everyone


Rouge of Moral


7 Alternian solar sweeps (15 Earth years)



Typing Style

double Ts and Us


Year of the rat

Strife Specius


Fetch Modus

karma modus


ancestor--"the prophet"


draconicAlternian--It's complicated

atomicGenocide--Matesprit (<3)


Land of Mirrors and Flow


30 seconds to mars--this is war

Tarotts theme--judgement day

Tarott Tarouu, also known by his handle of reactionResearcher, is a Troll. Tarott's blood is Green and his style of research (and occasional LARP) leads him to be a excellent strategist and an amazing strifer. Tarott's quirk involves having double Ts, like in his name, also having some sort of stutter to his words. His first name means fate, karma, etc. while his last name is a game played with tarot cards.


Tarott always loves to study karma and cause & effect; he studies affects, reasoning, pretty much everything you
God Tier for ReactionResearcher

How tarott imagines himself in godTeir

can imagine. It sort of also explains why he is so black and white. He's grown a dislike for higher bloods and often disregards the Hemospectrum otherwise. He can, on occasion, be found in the Truth or Dare memo, while he often watches what he believes to be the 'general chaos' that goes on in there. Tarott has also recently developed a case of asymmetricalphobia, which is the fear of things not being symmetrical, but he prefers to call it "an OCD link to symmettry" when in the presence of something that is not symmetrical, he will either flip the fuck out or do anything in his power to fix it. His vision half-fold is easily revealed by his eyes being inverted colors. It has also lead him into being half blind, since his left eye's pupil is white, reflecting light and therefore hindering his vision


Tarott is sometimes best described as bipolar, and often doesn't show much emotion unless his Matesprit is around. Tarott speaks in a fairly intelligent manner unless stressed or frustrated


He generaly dislikes having relationships as they always end complicated; he
Tarott alterniabound
is, however, searching to fill his quadrants, but acts very timid when trying to flirt and will almost never come right out with it.

Tarott's dreamself


Trickster Tarott


Tarott's lusus is a mouse-like creature that lives in his hive. While as clumsy as he is, Tarott does not mind. He also helps Tarott research every once in a while

Tarott's lusus, mousedad


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