"Whatever,It's not like this is real life anymore."


Mage of Doom





Typing Style

Uses perfect syntax and grammar.


Prohibition Sign

Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus

Action Modus- A preset action is required to open cards. (such as punching or pointing upwards)


Kai- Brother

Marquize- Friend

Ben- Friend

Dad- Dad




Land of Islands and Lore

Cole is a rather calm boy and one of the main protagonists of Earthlocked. While most of his friends see him as rather rude and overall dickish he isn't really that bad they just don't listen to him when they make up their minds. While not to most powerful or useful player he is often overlooked by his friends and is left alone, but it's cool he's fine with it.....


Cole is a very calm headed kid, who likes playing videogames, surfing on the computer and trying to make good comebacks. Although he is rather composed at most points he becomes rather clumsy when attention is on him, often he will stumble with his words or mess up whatever it is he is doing. Despite this he often says things that would make people look at him or laugh which kind of is masochistic as this causes attention to go to him. 

After the game started it has been shown that he, while loyal to his friends and willing to help, often will go off on his own before asking for help from others. He likes doing things by himself unless he knows it is too hot to handle alone.

Before SBurbEdit

Cole before playing Sburb was rather boring, never doing too much just hanging out with his friends and dicking around on the internet. He lived with his brothers and parents in and hoped something would happen to him to like in animes and videogames until Sburb was found by his friend Ben. Knowing what SBurb was he immediatly prepared with Ben.