5 Months

Screen Name



Usually has good grammar and punctuation. Since he's growing up around all these different people, he'll add quirks as he learns them x3

Strife Specibi

Teeth and claws.

Monochrome, commonly known as Chrome, was found in front of the house/Hive/whatever at R4INBOW_RUMPUS_P4RTY_TOWN, and was taken in by Silver. Since he is only just learning to talk, the quirks he sees all around him affect him a lot.


Not much is known about Chrome, except that he was found at about two months old and has found his home with Silver the cat.


Chrome is a kitten, therefore he isn't very smart. He's also quite adorable. He doesn't realize that some people don't like cats and will basically tackle everyone he can. Including all Karkats. He just doesn't get that they're yelly meanies.


Chrome has basically been taken in as a kit by Silver. He likes to think he's friends with everyone.


  • Silver has taught him to love water just as much as she does.
  • Stupid. He's just not that smart. That's all there is to it.
  • His fur is grey, black, and white, all smudged up.
  • Misty blue-green eyes, like his text colour.