Mind Aeolus
This is ridiculoussdsdsfsd


Scribe of Void





Typing Style

White suffix of what seems to resemble sparks ..·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸¤
Usually forgets end punctuation ..·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸¤
And also tends to use the enter button...·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸¤
Very much. ..·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸¤


Nautical Compass; highly similar to the nautical star, has 8 points.

Strife Specibi

twinbladeKind. Though there are rumored sightings of the intensely powerful canKind.

Fetch Modus

Fast Reaction - Images of ten items in the inventory, including the desired item, flash for aproximately 0.3 seconds in a rotation. You obtain the item you press 'stop' on.


'D (Guardian)


Land of Frost and Construction


Infinite Horizons ♪

Echoes ♪

Eyes Turning Black ♪

Broken Worlds ♪

Beyond The Dying Light ♪

An aberrant lurker who likes to watch and on occasion partake in the games that occur in TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER.


Newly graduated from secondary school a little while ago, Mind took a gap year off in hopes of calming the built up distress that had been caused by the work and chore that had been expected of her from countless pernickety people. She spent most of her time at home chatting with friends using Pesterchum, and soon they heard of the game SBURB which they quickly decided to take part in, with it not being too much trouble for Mind, thanks to her tendency to save her gradually earned coin.

What happens afterwards is a darkened part of her story and she has not spoken about it often enough for anyone to exactly know of the events that the game had created.


Mind seems a relatively nice person to talk with, but would only usually speak up when put into question or enlightened. She feels more outward and talkative about herself toward people who she has created friendly relations with.


There have been once or twice a time when Mind had spoken of a friend who she had said to have been really close to once, who most likely was in the same session of the game as her, but not much is known about anything else in this relationship.

She also has D' as her guardian who seems to be in good terms with her, known from whenever she talks of him, though sometimes she says that he acts incredibly silly at times which causes her a bit of trouble for an unknown reason.

She has made good friends when she began to be more present in TorD, but she may very well have made the opposite of good friends also, even though she did not really intend for it to happen.


Many people seem to mistaken her for another person named Trish.