Zenche Gilese
≡O ~ What'rrrrre yooou sayin'? ~ O≡


Spy of Space


8 sweeps (about 18 earth years)



Strife Specibus



Land of Moonbeams and Frogs



Zenche Gilese (Zen-chee Gill-eese) also known by his TrollTag, lycanthropicCurmudgeon, is a Troll. His blood color is somewhere between Vriska and Equius. He types starting and ending his sentances with wolf paws and "howls" his "o"s. (ooo) He also "growls" his "r"s. (rrrrr) His last name is the only named star in the Lupus constellation with the spelling slightly altered and Zenche is a shortened version of one of the discoverers of Lupus. His mood is often set to "Detestful"


Zenche grew up in one of the cast forests of Alternia, raised in the wild as beast rather than a Troll by the misthought of his Lusus. He eventually took up residence in a den in his forest. He grew eating freshly killed animals, eventually learning cooking them tasted a lot better. He mastered the art of Stew, but fails in any attempt to cook anything else. He discovered the delicious flavors herbs, spices, and plants can add to a brew and tried everything he could get his hands on...which ultimately didn't end very well.

He ended up contracting a cureless disease from a plant called "Snoutbane". The disease appears to have turned Zenche into a Howling-Shifter, the Troll equivalent of a Werewolf. It causes Zenche to take on a wolf-like form every cloudless day and scamper about mindlessly slaughtering things that irritate him in the slightest. Running around in the daylight has hurt Zenche's vision, tinging the edges of his corneas and irises red. He now relies mostly on hearing and smell, thanks to his dulled vision. He hasn't gone completely blind because it occurs in a different form. Snoutbane grows only from the skulls of deceased Howling-Shifters.


Zenche tends to have a bit of a quick temper, especially when others appear to be challenging him. He has yet to master the concept of personal space, often getting close to memorize the scent of those he meets. When entering a new place Zenche is withdrawn until he feels no one minds him being in the "foreign territory". He isn't entirely friendly towards animals, aside from canines.

But that's just his outside.

Zenche holds great potential as a friend, leader, and especially enemy. He maps out plans and strategies, and can command. His upbringing and Howling-Shifter instincts have made him hard to get close to, but loyal to those he trusts. If he thinks someone holds more potential as a leader than him he will step down instantly.


None yet. :V


Zenche was raised by "Cane", a large Wolf-like Lusus with what appears to be a bit of Hyena in it. Cane raised Zenche like a young Lusus rather than a Troll, causing most everything about him. Cane's primary food source was meat with the occasional plant thrown in. He was mortally wounded when killing a much larger Lusus that was trying to make Zenche its meal.