Ryan Auspex
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Mumble grumble.


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Typing Style

Types in a manner that is very blunt. Does not exclaim, does not question.



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Descriptive Elaboration- Item can only be retrieved after a lengthy and verbose description is given about it. The more detailed and wordy it is, the better the item will preform.


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Ryan, A 19 year old human boy, recently graduated from high school, looking to pass the time while life just happens. A very rigid and rollercoaster past with family, relations, and everything life throws at one has left him to be a very bland and neutral person. He explores the internet, and because of this has found a life long-strong friendship. This friend informed him of the Pesterchum program, which he looked into. After getting into it, and knowing some of the people, he in turn heard wind of a game called SBURB. Whether he chooses to persue it or not is still up in the air.


As mentioned before he has a very dry outlook on things. He believes adequacy is key, and likes to get things done in a manner that is "sufficient" for the task. This is not to say he half-asses things. No; He makes sure it is done in the most baseline and absolutely acceptable way possible.

He is deathly paranoid of others who take interest in him. He believes everyone has an ulterior motive to their actions, unless they are plain stupid. Females tend to worry him the most, instigated by poor relationships in the past. He earnestly tries to get over up, but there always seems to be hang-ups and the desire to not fall into any more ruts.

Ryan also likes to make sure the ones he trusts are doing well, and wishes them the best. If one is not doing well, he may endeavor to persue the reasons why they're not up to snuff. However, he will take whatever answer is given to him at face value; the only one he knows how to console effectively is his best friend.

Misc. / Other ThingsEdit

IE is a self-insert character, which should be somewhat evident. In memos he stays in the past, usually by just a minute, so his handle reads PIE- Mostly for other's benefit, as he doesn't take much amusement when someone says "Heh, your name says PIE."