Callix Lagopa
maybe i waS allergic to anger or Something. ffigures.


Page of Space


6 sweeps



Typing Style

you kind off stutter your f's like you are shivering, and you also like to capitalize all of your s's because "S iS kind of my favorite letter"


Vulpecula (Fox)

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Snowball Modus - The item you want is selected, but the card begins to float and you must hit it with a snowball to uncaptchalogue it. This requires extra snowball-throwing expertise, but luckily you have that! The thing is only activated by something cold, so not just anything will do. But ice cubes work too.


Foxdad (Lusus)


Land of Ice and Neon


Dry Ice

Callix Lagopa, also known by his handle, hyperborianLagopus, is a friendly Teal blooded Troll. He tends to visit #R4INBOW_RUMPUS_P4RTY_TOWN and #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER. His hive is located in a very cold mountainous area, and so he usually wears fur coats and shoes.


Callix was pretty much a normal grub. He was chosen by Foxdad, a large fluffy arctic fox looking thing with curled horns. It was a long walk to their new hive area, so Callix had accumulated to walking barefoot across snow and grass and many other terrains, even if they bled at first. His feet can be described as an all-terrain vehicle.

And finally coming upon the cold and icy cliff he calls home, his hive was settled there. He has yet to come upon any interesting things. Usually he hunts outside in the snow with the help of his Lusus' expertise hunting skills, learning how to jump on hopbeast holes.


Callix isn't genuinely friendly, but he isn't really rude either. He will occasionally insult, but otherwise he is kind of just.... neutral. He enjoys dubstep music, but he can only listen to it when his Lusus isn't home because he appears to hate it.

Callix can be sort of described as a coward sometime, but often he'll fight back if you insult him.


Nothing really yet.


Callix's Lusus is a large Arctic fox monster with curled ram horns who he has nicknamed Foxdad. It doesn't like loud music or sounds. It appears to be a very skilled hunter and usually goes hunting with Callix.