Karu Marcher
Oreos are life. Do not badmouth Oreos, you son of a bitch.


Sylph of Heart





Typing Style

Capitalizes the first letter of every word. Omits punctuation. Speaks in a very articulate and verbose manner.


Appears to be a letter 'Y'

Strife Specibi


Tekkenkind (See WEAPONS)

Fetch Modus

Tekken Modus


fractalRevolver - Friend novaSuperior - Friend


Land Of Sparks and Neon



Big Bad Wolf

Shave It

Karu Marcher is a Human. Her Pesterchum handle is hidingEntendre.


Next to nothing is known about Karu's past - not because she's intentionally secretive, but because she simply doesn't talk about herself much.


Karu is cool, calm, and level-headed. Very difficult to anger, she prefers to poke fun at a hostile situation rather than to get emotions mixed into the turmoil.

Karu always has a solution to a bad confrontation, and has been seen to act (albeit hesitantly) as a sort of mediator between hostile parties. She is particularly skilled in giving advice, especially romance-wise.


Karu's hair is short and fluffy, and black in color. It reaches just past her shoulders and curls outwards at the ends.

Her symbol appears to be a Y-symbol, though it's unknown exactly what it means. Her associated colour (the colour of her symbol and text) is 200, 000, 053. She wears a black T-shirt over a black long-sleeve, and dark gray jeans. Karu's skin is pale to the point of being white.

She is indicated to be of average height, around five foot seven.

Due to her being somewhat forgetful when it comes to eating, Karu is very light. A good portion of the people around her have been able to lift her over their shoulders (if they can catch her off guard to do so).

She is always seen wearing a blindfold, and has never taken it off (that anyone has seen). Its origins, and why she wears it, are unknown, because indications reveal that there is nothing wrong with her eyesight whatsoever.


Karu's trust is infamously difficult to earn, so she has very few close friends. She mistrusts people in general. It is unknown as to whether this is caused by a past trauma, or if it is simply part of her personality.

Soruda Niveus (novaSuperior) was the first Troll to pester Karu, and is also, incidentally, her patron Troll. Soruda possibly helped her out more than anyone else did, giving her various item codes and, at one point, dropping Karu's closet on an Imp to save her. Karu, when asked, refers to her as "pretty good for an Alien". Soru calls Karu her Moirail, but, as humans do not have quadrants, this is probably one-sided.

Mica (fractalRevolver) and Karu have been friends since childhood. Not much is known about their relationship, but they seem close.


Karu has mentioned that she had a guardian in her younger years. It is unknown exactly who or what her guardian was, but (s)he is now deceased.


  • Karu cannot whistle.
  • She is believed to be either an Australian or a New Zealander based on her use of mixed UK and US syntax, which is used solely in Australasia.
  • Karu has a passionate love for candy, and carries around a heavy supply in her sylladex.