Tajnah Krinos
Raging Beast of Broken.
"Wait.. what was i doing again..?".


Sylph θf heart.


8 Solar Sweeps.

Chat Handle,



O,E and B is replaced by Theta, Sigma and beta.


A circle with a V underneath. o>

Strife Specibus,

Return Kind,

Fetch Modus,

Dairy Modus.


<3 taciturnGrudge, <3< anguishReactant


The Land Of Laughs and Forgets. (( LOLAF )),

Tajnah Krinos, also known to everyone as harmoniousTenebris, is very forgetful (and at 5 feet very tiny). If it was not for her Lusus and those around her, she would never remember her own name.


Tajnah does not remember much about her past, or much of anything beyond 2 sweeps ago. Her only memory from then was her waking up drenched in Red Blood and clutching a pendant, while what she assumed to be her Lusus looked over her. Whenever she tries to remember anything from before that, she is filled with an overwhelming sadness and a painful migraine. She wouldn't try to remember again for a while, saying that her thinkpan, "Doesn't want her to". Though during a moment of accidental intoxication, she was able to recall some details about her old Matesprit.

Her past isn't the only victim to her memory lapse. She would often forget what she was doing right in the middle of doing it. She would also forget simple things like names, faces, where her hive was or what her Lusus looked like (if she didn't see her for a while). She would even forget if she put on an article of clothing or not, often leading her to walk out of her hive either wearing double of something, or missing something. She would eventually realize it's a bit too breezy before anything embarrassing happens when the latter occurs.

Though her passive nature rarely leads her to use it, she has a boomerang like weapon that can turn into a sort of shield when she remembers how to work it.


Tajnah is a sort of laid-back type of girl. Her memory lapse, combined with her calm passive nature makes her pretty much okay with everything, hence her handle harmoniousTenebris. This sort of makes relationships hard for her because she feels the need to try and help everyone. Her advances are usually mistaken for pale-flirting and she is promptly refused.

Despite her pacifist-like nature she has been known to be a little mischievous and playful at times, and acknowledges that she can be a bit of an annoyance to most people.


It was revealed she had a previous Matespritship before she lost her memory. Mercus Ariava is her current Matesprit even though at first they wer blackflirting. She also manage to fill her black quadrent with Coatl, though that was somewhat of an accident too. She was trying to paleflirt.

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Tajnah headshot. ((curtosy of go love her. ))


Mercus and Tajnah up to their usual shenanigans

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