Rolan Zagros
I'm just sitting here. 6oing nothing. As usual.


Knight of Force


8 Alternian sweeps (17 Human years)



Typing Style

Replaces D/d with 6. Replaces C/c with Ç/ç. Speaks with perfect grammar and syntax, though often in very short sentences. Completely disregards any use of question marks.


A red-brown Ç with a white tilde through it's top.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

666 - each item must be assigned a 3-digit number which can be divided by six, but is below 666. Calling the number out will eject the item.


Bulldad - Lusus


Land of Darkness and Pistons

Rolan Zagros, also known by his handle hadesHarbinger, is a Dark brown blooded Troll. Due to his low position on the Hemospectrum, he despises the Alternian caste system in every way. Originally he himself was unaware of his name, resulting in both of his names later being picked by horchataSinger. He can often be found in R41NBOW_RUMPUS_P4RTY_TOWN, usually doing very little and waiting for someone to start a conversation with him, though this rarely happens.


Rolan rarely talks about his grubhood, preferring to keep it a secret for whatever reason. This is mostly because he knows little of it himself, though what fragments of it he does remember often involved him sitting in a dark, unnervingly warm cave with Bulldad checking up on him once per day. The scar on his right eye was delivered to him when he was 6 sweeps. Bulldad had gone missing and as such Rolan was forced to hunt; whilst in the open he was confronted by a Blue-blooded troll. Rolan fought with the troll until he managed to abscond, though the troll's sword had cut the right side of his face and badly injured his right eye.


Rolan godtier

Rolan upon reaching the Godtiers.

Rolan is rarely ever more than content with things. It takes a lot to make him happy or depressed. Despite this, his mood is always set to discontent on Trollian.

He generally tries to be nice to people he meets, although he often uses his first impressions of people as a judge in whether he wants or does not want to know them. He almost never gets angry, and is completely fine with almost anything that goes on, as long as it doesn't endanger him or any of his friends.

Rolan is almost always serious about everything, although he can be a lot more playful around friends than he often is. He rarely finds people he hates or likes particularly, which makes it difficult for him to find a Matesprit or Kismesis.


Rolan knows few people, and those he does know are generally regarded as friends, or people he doesn't want to know. He finds it difficult to love or hate people more than others, and so has a lot of trouble finding people to fill his quadrants, despite this he managed to find a Matesprit.


Rolan's Lusus is a large bull with 6 horns, resembling Rolan's. His Lusus is rarely around as he is not particularly social, meaning Rolan rarely gets to see him. Like Rolan, his Lusus is quite serious and not very sociable.

Images and SuchEdit

Rolan talksprite

Rolan's Talksprite.