Gravis redicus
"❖∞I hate siłence so much.∞❖"


Knight of void


7 sweeps

Chat Handle


Typing Style

Starts and ends sentences with ❖∞ and ∞❖, also almost unnoticable crosses and certain letter changes.


Greek 'Beta'

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Music - He uses a SUPER ADVANCED ELECTRIC to play the notes of the letters of the item he wants. (It is so super advanced it cannot only play an octave, but the rest of the alphabet too)


Friends (On his side) to everyone


Land of Bones and Lolipops


All the music. ALL OF IT.

Gravis Redicus is a black haired troll that loves music. His blood is aqua-blue and their name literally means 'Recurring Bass/Gravity' in latin.


His house is surrounded in a river of bones that is many thousands of miler long, and he didn't get any other food for the first portion of his life, so he learnt to suck the marrow out of them. When he first turned from grub to troll, his lusus produced an odd sound that was below hearing but blocked out other sounds, and affected peoples ears when they stayed near it for any length of time. As a result he couldn't hear sound for his first sweep or two, and relied on colour. When he finally got across the massive river of bones that surrounded his house, he finally saw people trying to speak to him, and they failed. He heard them as if through a wall, and has been recovereing his hearing since. He now has a fear of silence, he is scared of losing his hearing again. He has a small bass pod that emits a bass sound whenever activated by him.


He is generally quite confident but doesn't like fighting, he mutters sometimes and tries to do his best for others.


On his end of the relationship, he's always friends unless they make him dislike them. When he meets someone he likes them, and sees the better side of them.


His lusus is a giant cricket that can produce mighty bass vibrations with it's wings. It rubs them together, and due to its size the sound is just below hearing.