Sven Fisker


Seeker of Mirth


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Typing Style

Lowercase "o" is replaced and substituted with "oO", no other capitalization is used when typing words.


I swirled "S", placed down horizontally.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

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Octofather (Lusus)


Land of Rust and Water

Sven Fisker, currently known as freckledCephalopod, is somewhat of a regular in #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER. He is a sea-dwelling Troll and is often known to be playing tag with sharks or other creatures; he often mentions this when discussing games or hobbies. His blood is a shade of dark magenta (as is his typing color), meaning that he is a highblood and rather high on the Hemospectrum. Although there are times when his hair may cover them, there are freckles revealing his blood color across his cheeks and facial fins.


Sven lives deeper within the ocean where the light is weakened and the water is very chilled. There are many underwater caverns that he often lingers around, and also has a few favorited spots located on land that are still very close to the water.


Despite that he may often come off as simply naive, he is actually very intelligent and realizes that he can be too friendly for his own good. Because of his constant 'reckless games', as Asteri Ravus had once put it, Sven learns many tactical skills and is far from inexperienced in alert thought. However, this side of him has been seen by few to none others. When active in the memo, he is often smiling and very welcoming.


Sven has a bit of a hard time with his quadrants. He doesn't mind the fact that they are all empty, since he spends time alone when not active in the memo. However, he has been through two Moirails (both at different times); his first being Squalus, then Rowtag later on. All of his quadrants are currently empty.


His Lusus is, to put it short, an overgrown octopus that lurks around the floor of the ocean. Octofather/dad does not take kindly to the games Sven often involves himself in and wishes that he would act more maturely. Sven cares deeply for his Lusus and wishes to never disappoint him, but inadvertently does so anyways.