Exam Hummun
"I am such a setting example."


Example of Profiles


13 Earth years

Chat Handle


Typing Style

No real typing style. Just types in a normal fashion.


Horror squiddle

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Example - It gives small prototypes of the item, the name needs to be said for it to come out as normal size!


exampleKid2 (Partner <3) custodianMom (Parent: Mother)


Land of Blank and Slate



Exam Hummun, also known by their handle exampleKid, is a Human. You can talk in this section about those things already mentioned, and just other vague things like their typing quirk into more depth, their symbol, blood colour (if Troll) and name meaning. Anything else that doesn't fit in the below catagories can go here too!


Can you fathom that I am an amazing person?¿ You can't?¿ Well, sucks for you, for I am an amazing person and such¿ Born on the planet Alderaan, I escaped to earth using mytrusty ship, the S.S. Enterprise, with my friend, The Doctor¿ But everything turned bad when the Fire Nation attacked my ship, leaving me stranded on Lilliput. There I met an alien named Roger, and finished my journey to Earth.


Talk about how they act towards others here, and how they are to themselves as well! Go into their mentality.



exampleKid caught a picture of her strange next door neighbour!

Time to get more in depth with their relationships! Who are they friends with? Enemies? Lovers? Past known people? Did they affect them? Mention anything you want about them relationship-wise here.


Whatever you want to call it, talk about their parent and perhaps homelife here.

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