Castor Matrix
"I take it the yelling and screaming is a good thing?"


Bard of Doom


9 Solar Sweeps


He has none, actually.


The Greek alphabetical letter "Beta".

Strife Specibus

Scythe Kind

Fetch Modus

Mailbird Modus


None Whatsoever


Land of Void and Rebellion

Dream Planet



His Lusus is a Small, white Bird, nicknamed Gamma.

Castor Matrix is a very laid-back Troll who is taller than most of the Trolls he can think of. He can be very moody at times, but on occasion may become depressed due to his random depression. He is very shy at first and does not socialize much, unless spoken to directly. Despite the other ailments, he is actually pretty kind, having his heart in the right place most of the time.


He was raised by a small White Bluejay who takes the liberty of being his Fetch Modus as well. The bird's name is Gamma and has been his natural Lusus for his whole life. He specializes in Scythes, his "On Hand, at all times" weapon. His Scythe is styled like a Dark-Black staff, and a silvery Scythe part which ends in a dark red. He is nicknamed Red for the fact he prefers everybody to call him that, and that his favorite color is that color. He is very troubling and confuses people until he literally shows them what he is talking about. He attempts to have perfect syntax, but will rarely mispell things due to his Husktop having broken keys.


He is very rebellious, and likes to put snarky remarks into everything; he keeps his composure though. He is very friendly to his friends though, and would do anything in the world for them as long as they are kind to him. He can lead people to believe that he has a hardened coating for a personality, but inside they do not know he is actually pretty kind. He will be snarky at times, but that will either be his random depression outbursts, or just him being moody altogether.


Thanks to his snarky personality, he hasn't really gotten into any relationships as of yet. He prefers to be around people, though. He honestly doesn't seek relationships, though he will let them happen if they come through.