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The Land Of Trash and Dancing (( LoTaD.))


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Garyio Memiko, or as she was better known, drasticGatherer, was a self proclaimed "Trash Troll" who collected other Trolls' trash for only ten caegars a week. She did this during the day because she got bothered less. She was a Jade blood so the Alternian sun did not hurt her. She then took all the junk back to her Hive which was a huge junkyard. She lived in #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER and never seemed to leave. She liked to relax there since she loved watching shows or anything that caught her interest. She spent about a hour every day making her special kind of popcorn which she had a unhealthy addiction for.

She was slightly bitter that despite being a Jade blood she got a terrible Lusus called MagpieDad. He was a terrible Lusus, so she tried to make it up with her three pets; Steve the Junkyard Dog, Steve the Owl and Stephano the Bear who was a gift from her Matesprit. This is why she loved all kinds of animals. If she was in a very bad mood, she liked tricking people. She tricked someone into proposing with a Mermaid.


Garyio got through the cave trials in a average amount of time and was taken to the birthing chambers where the Mother Grub she had been assigned to took one sniff of her and rejected her. There was a debate if they should cull someone with blood as rare as her's. During these days, one of the Trolls arguing against culling her saw her Lusus also rejecting her and taught her a few basic survival skills. He then acted as her temporary Lusus for 6 Perigees until he got called away on duty. The Troll always carried things he thought would come in handy which impacted upon her young psyche heavily.

In the end they decided that they might as well let her go free. She then built her Hive, which was a large house with fences bordering it. She soon realized that without a Lusus she would starve but she could not hunt as she lived in a very crowded area with no forests.

It was at this point that she decided she had to do something and, after thinking about it for a while, she started asking Lowblood Trolls if she could collect their trash for 10 caegars a week. Most of them turned her down but a few decided to let her and this is how she survived for 3 sweeps.

Junk dog by killthenrun1-d4stxw2

Steve the Junk Yard Dog.

When she collected trash she had seen many horrible things, and been attacked by many creatures such as zombies. She had fought at least 20 but had lost count. Many times she would have died if not for her coat which was incredibly thick which she had taken to adding weight to it to help her train. The only thing that traumatized her was a event she called the "Purple Blood and the Diamond" but she refused to talk to anybody about this.

Tumblr m0wg6xCMRt1qlbdfd

Relaxing on the TorD floor.

It was another two sweeps before she decided to see if TorD was any good, and when she entered it changed her life. It was here she met her first Matesprit and she admitted to catching, "The horr.ble human disease fr.endsh.p, but I must adm.t I k.nd of .t.".


Garyio was a very calm Troll who did not mind violence, but she did not go out of her way to use it since she knew that no one is unbeatable and she did not want to be beaten. She liked it when there was chaos since it gave her something to watch, but she did not like it when it went too far.

She was kind and caring which meant most Trolls were indifferent to her death. She could be annoyed to the point of anger but it took a lot to do it. She had a very thick skin so did not mind getting hurt at all and was very hard to impress, when everyone was shocked she would simply state. "Oh cool" or "Fa.r enough". She had said on several occasions that death was her only fear, but it was not a very large fear.


Having shenanigans.


Garyio was very bad at making friends and had stopped thinking of it as a human disease as she had had it for so long and enjoyed it so much. She had not made a lot of them in her short time at TorD. She really enjoyed the company of people who were good at making a show.

Up until she met nocturnalWriter she did not care about getting a Matesprit stating, "If I get one then great, if not then oh well". She decided that she was not happy being Matesprits with nocturnalWriter and became Matesprits with sharpshotAzimuth. They were very happy together.


Was buried under a pile of trash and Garyio did not care enough to see if she is alive or dead.



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