DO yOu hAve Any treAsure?




7 and a bit sweeps

Chat Handles

draconicProphet, humanProphet, babyIndo, draconicAlternian


Capitalizes the letters;G,R,A,O,D,N

Strife Specibus

Clawkind, Fangkind, Firekind, Swordkind

Fetch Modus

Horde Modus


reactionResearcher = Moirail.


Land of Gold and Empires


The Lute which is his favorite instrument

Indotiid [(or Indo to most people)] is a Dragon. In his native language, his name means "Master of Time". His quirk capitalizes the letters in dragon. His time is usually spent making jewellery or searching for gems.

He enjoys going to #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER because of the interesting people he sees, and not to mention the potential for treasure.

He has a half underground, partially burnt out castle as a hive, that he found while looking for a hive.


Indo was not always a Dragon. He was born a Human, and lived as one for the first years of his life, until his family was taken from him by bandits. Driven by the want for revenge, he sought out the power to destroy them. And in his land, there is nothing more powerful than the Dragons. He sought them out and eventually found the high Dragons and went through a painful ritual that he does not like to talk about. That was when most of his Human memories were wiped and he was turned into a Dragon, mind and body.

In the end, he got his wish for revenge, killing every bandit. After that he set up his cave and started devising traps and mind games for him to play on mortals. As a Dragon, he obtained a want for treasure, and proved very very good at obtaining it.

He now spends 99% of his time being a troll, and has lost most of his majyykle abilities.


Indo is rather friendly and gets along with most people, but he is rather stupid, which annoys many people. But if he likes you he will sometimes give valuable treasure and enchanted gifts. He also enjoys helping people into quadrants. Indo does not usually like people at first [(unless they give him treasure)], but if he befriends someone they are usually well rewarded with treasure.

He is friends with most of the regulars in TorD. He likes to think he helped Garyio and Steve into their kismesiship with each other by giving Garyio a cursed ring to give to Steve that would either Shock, Freeze or Burn the wearer, but things did not not go exactly as planned, but it was still very entertaining for him. Garyio and Steve are no longer kismesis.

He was Moirails with Serval but he broke up with her, because he knew there was someone she would be happier with.

He was Moirails with Garyio [ drasticGatherer] but she died.

He is now Moirails with reactionResearcher.