PARTY'S H-----ER-----E! 38D

An alt-canon handle for Feferi Peixes, owned by RRPT regular Juju. She sometimes draws pictures of her RP shenanigans on the tumblr blog sharing her handle.


All events in-comic are considered canon in addition to a post-mortum split with Sollux. All events in RRPT and any other memo are considered AU when switching into private chat unless requested by partner.


Feferi is good friends with just about everyone in the memos, as the RPer tends to lean more towards the "universal friendship" side of her personality. This holds especially true for gardenGnosis, tipsyGnostalgician, cancerGeneticist, and centaursTerror. In memos, she is sometimes unable to keep up character, but she does a pretty good job as Feferi if I do say so myself.

In memos, she does not often converse if there are too many private, shippy conversations going on, and will often pull in people she deems too quiet and look too lonely. If any odd people start hassling her or whatnot, she does not hesitate in hiding behind the stronger-looking members of the group (centaursTerror or cancerGeneticist are her first choices).

She often pointlessly quarrels with cancerGeneticist and makes silly revenge plots whenever he bests her in some way, and these plots often involve tipsyGnostalgician or centaursTerror if they are present. At the bottom of the pool in RRPT, she has an )(eiress Pile of Worthless Shit where she will often take things she finds in the memo room and hide there. Also, she posesses a pair of cracked sunglasses as a gift from centaursTerror, which she sometimes wears at her whimsy.


In private, nothing that happens in the memos is canon unless her partner enters with that being the intention. If it is with a canon troll, unless she gets confused with the direction of the RP, it probably will not be in dream bubbles right away.

As far as relationships go, she is separated from all canon quadrants, so anything can be pursued when RPing with her for the first time - the only exception to this rule is Sollux RPers, who can be in either her flushed or pale quadrant upon first meeting.


The RPer of this Feferi often makes her very bubbly and happy, especially upon first meetings, but she is not above being condescending to others, especially to humans. She is just as quick to temper as she is forgiving.

She very actively strives to make friends, and may be oblivious to the discomfort or annoyance of others. Another thing she is oblivious to is lewd comments and innuendos. This is because the RPer often does not understand them either.

If a strange or creepy fan character enters the memo or starts pestering her, she will likely hide behind someone else or run away. But if it's someone she knows well that suddenly becomes scary, she probably will not notice at first.

She does not know how to deal with Sober Gamzees upon meeting them for the first time.



Feferi is almost pitiably single at all times in memos. She maintains a close friendship with RRPT regulars, especially those mentioned above.

The RPer does not wish for any relationship with anyone in the memos, for she wants all RPs in the memo to be equal. However, the RPer does ship everyone with Feferi, so in private, anything is game.

The only private relationship she has now is with cancerGeneticist, which occasionally slips out in memos.