Cheoto Mylani is a Troll from the world of Alternia. He is also known by his handle classicalInsurgance, and is known to be rather calm in the least appropriate situations. His typing :|--- 7en3s 7o 6ee a 8wit erra7ic ---:|--- but also informative and cold as well as calculating. Maybe even a bit menacing.


Cheoto is a teal blooded troll, who hopes to follow his ancestor The Inquisitor, a legendary legislacerator who brought entire systems to justice, and found many major conspiracies within the ranks of the legislacerators themselves.  Despite that, he is seen to be quite gentle when he feels like it, otherwise putting information in its most uncensored form that he can manage.


He grew up in his hive with his custodian: Urza, in his spare time he larps, and practices his skill with a blade.

Classicalinsurgance (talk) 05:59, March 22, 2013 (UTC)