Box title is, where the title goes
Image is achieved by uploading to the wiki, then using the code "image:" infront of the file name. for example "image:mk.png" no " " of course.

Title here in 'Row 1 Title'

Infor for 'Row 1' in Row 1 info


So forth

> Infobox is created via the 'templates' selection. Place this at the start of your profile.

Use Heading 2 for these, it's up in the top editing bar, where it says 'normal text'. Just pop it open and select the heading.Edit

Blah blah, normal text. There's also other headings avalible in that dropdown.

Link codes are made by the use of [ ] , just put the link in, and then space, place the name in, close bracket. Example;

Kitsune^2 - Firebird

[link name] < This

This can be done by using the link button up the top too. The little chain link thing.

Check out the exampleKid page, and go into 'edit' mode to check out how it's done! Feel free to copy the source of that page and paste it into a 'new page' for ease of use. (Enter the 'Source' tab next to the 'Visual' tab in edit mode. That's how you get the source code.)

Meduck 15:46, January 3, 2012 (UTC) < You can add a signature at the bottom of the page but it is not required. Just click the stylus pen at the top of the editing bar, which says signature and it will do it for you.