Kiglas Farrim
"If You dare to touchh me, ill put a chhain around Your nec


Mage of Void


8.95 Sweeps (19 Years)



Typing Style

HHe talk2 in a weird waY, withh punctuation, but onlY capitalizing thhe fir5t letter of thhe 5entence and the "Y", alternating between "2" and "5" in2tead of "S", withh double "H" and withh a special


A cross with the superior parts flat and the inferior ones pointy.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Hunting - You have to throw an object to the card in order to get the item, while the cards moves and you need to have nice precision to hit the card you want.


RhinoDad (Lusus) clandestineFerocity (<3) luckyMothball (<> ?)





Kiglas aka. Mr. Grumpy is a Yellow blooded Troll who loves hunting big beasts, swimming and reading. He also likes death metal. He hates the Hemospectrum, but he doesn't really do much against it and kinda allows himself to be called Lowblood, just simply ignoring you. He also hates, "That white texted douchebag" and doesn't even highlight his text. He even has a camp in the forest, a memo called #A_camp_in_thhe_fore5t


He was happy-go-lucky as a wiggler, until Rhino dad fucked up his happy personality and forced him to be "Mr. Grumpy pants" in order to survive and not be killed by the Highbloods, training him and helping him to be strong enough. After the change, Rhino dad let him do whatever he wants.


Kiglas hates physical contact with almost everybody, exceptions are with his quadrants and friends, but he does not have friends (He does really, but doesn't admit it).

He is usually calm, but turns angry easily, and tries to calm down before doing something stupid, usually rage quitting.

He does not talk too much and doesn't like to interact with people he does not know, but he will always greet the newcomers and sometimes even start a conversation (If he isn't busy spacing out).


He isn't very social and doesn't have negative or positive feelings about the people around him, he simply doesn't give a shit about them (or that's what he says), except with his Matesprit, whom he loves.

He is also very jealous about his quadrants.


RhinoDad is a very calm Lusus and lets Kiglas do whatever he wants, only wanting food, he also likes to sleep a lot.


  • Kiglas was a Brownblood, but, PC's colours messed up and turned brown into yellow.
  • Kiglas always has pizza in his sylladex.