Terezi Pyrope


Seer of Mind


9 Solar Sweeps (About 19 years old in human years)

Trollian Tag



A's replaced with 4, I's replaced with 1, E's replaced with 3.



Strife Specibi


This Terezi is part of the "Planetswap" AU. Planetswap is an AU where Trolls live on Earth and Humans live on Alternia and stay the same species!

[ NOTE: Whatever magic anon, infections, etc. she gets from Tumblr or some other thing, she brings to all other things she goes on. ]


Job & ResidenceEdit

After Terezi woke up on Earth, she decided to act like a Human. She got a job as an artist and improved her art a ton. People are amazed by how well she can draw, with her being blind, while others are scared of her since she's a Troll. She gets very good pay from her job, which helps her out with living. She couldn't afford a nice apartment or anything, so she got a hotel room. She has a little more than enough to buy food, pay her bills, etc. and with that small portion of money she has left she buys chalk. She most likely won't be able to buy any upgrade to the home in quite a while, but at least she's trying (not really). She managed to get a small computer for a low price at a shop which she uses for Trollian and Tumblr. For Trollian she normally goes on #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER or annoys her friends. Terezi's hair grew and she couldn't afford for a stylist to cut it, and if she cut it herself she'd have a horrid haircut since she's blind. With her hair being so long, she decided to pull it back in a pony-tail. Her old shirt got all torn and ripped so she bought herself a red short-sleeved shirt, red sweat pants, teal sneakers and a custom-made zodiac hoodie.


Terezi hardly talks to anyone on Earth. She's pretty much an anti-social person. A reason why is because of her being blind and not being able to see anyone she's talking to. She could be talking to a creep from an alley and not notice it. She just dreams of meeting a person who smells cherry-like and delicious whom she can trust and adore. Just take note: Terezi can smell red about a mile away. With her telling who should be her Moirail, she tests on how nice one sounds. If neither seem nice to her, she flicks her non-existent tail and goes to find a different one.


  • Terezi's hotel-room decor is basically her drawing pictures and hanging it up in random spots
  • Terezi hardly blinks
  • Terezi's clothing change can be seen between season changes
  • Terezi doesn't know what a Kiwi Bird is

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