somebody has to die now


Maid of Time


7 sweeps



Typing Style

no capitalization or punctuation, uses exclamation points and question marks. Is generally more responsive/emotional and on seldom cases becomes highly murderous and poetic with words.



Strife Specibi

WhipKind (discarded post-death), JokerKind

Fetch Modus

Horror Ouija


No information


Land of Quartz and Melody

An alternate version of Aradia Megido and known by her handle awakenedArisen in Pesterchum. The change in her handle shows that she has ascended to god tier, given that in the AU she dropped her old handle with the new handle to show that she is fully alive and would like to stay that way. She possess the same attributes as her orignal universe self such as her symbol, typing quirk during ascension, and psychic abilities but also dropped several factors that would compare to her original universe self. Such factors are her clothing, which is seen as open shoulder dress and shade of gray with her symbol on it, her hair is neatly fixed due to constant combing of her AU Kanaya, she constantly blurts out random doom say but still retains her happy and positive demeanor though causes contradiction to her former behavior, her fetch modus and strife specibi are changed, and her weird obsession for "attention-grabbing gourds, diabolical rootcrops, and party poppers."


"Awakened" Aradia, is the alternate universe of original self, so several things are different between her and the original universe. She has a deep appreciation for anything that seems "ok that im pretty ok with that". She enjoys playing with others to the point of being able to emulate other people by reflex. This is only shown superficially and she tries to shrug that behavior off as much as she could.

Like her original self, she maintains her sign, her psychic abilities, and other which are pretty much stated in the start of this wiki page (look it up!). Her fetch modus had an upgrade which she is now able to fully control it without the limitation of the spirits controlling it. Her strife specibus became Jokerkind as she can pretty much be adept with anything she might actually touch, but unlike Gamzee's, still has to learn it especially during combat.


Generally, she is very happy and enthusiastic with a lot of things and she secretly enjoys the shenanigans in the memo, but this sometimes becomes conflicted by her doom say and gorish ways of explaining things and oftentimes relate things and certain events in the memo as, "Dying a murderous death of combined hate and misery that even the abyss of the horrorterrors could no longer fathom such an event ." She is also fond of changing her clothes to any design especially the once made by her friends.