Kasdea Beskar
"Re'ally, who give's a glub?"


Seer of Hope


6 Tertiary Sweeps (18 Earth Years)

Chat Handle


Typing Style

An e'rraticly acce'nte'd style'.


Alchemic symbol for ice.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Lady's Purse - The smaller the item, the closer to the bottom it is.


Scorpiofly (Lusus)




Harmony of a Hunter

Kasdea Beskar, also known by arthropodGospel, is a sea dwelling troll, though her hemotype doesn't match the norm. As a cerulean blood, she isn't technically a mutant, though she feels that it could cause issues. She speaks in a thick accent, as well as the occasional fish pun (though she's nowhere near as bad as some sea dwellers).


Part of a group of twelve, Kasdea grew up in close contact with other hemotypes, from the highest royalty, to lowly burgundy bloods. While she lived under water, she spent a lot of time on land, exploring and sometimes getting into heated battles. At about her fifth wriggling day, Jeskah Rennai gathered the twelve friends to play "a new game". Within this game, there was strife and intrigue, but in the end the session became a failure. While the session was never ended, Kasdea found herself exploring once again, this time hopping though time and space though dream bubbles.


Kasdea is usually smiling.


Kasdea is generally relaxed for her hemotype, though she still has some sadistic tendencies. She prefers to be benevolent and helpful, and will go out of her way to help one in need. This offsets her habit of holding grudges for indefinite amounts of time, as well as plotting against those who have upset her.


Kasdea entertains a matespritship with violet-blooded Tracyn Ferous, as a balance to his violent tendencies. A moirallegiance is kept with Valeri Rylith as well as with Dorain Takulr, though she plays with the idea of more flushed feelings for Valeri. Kasdea has no black romances, though she does have the ability to be hateful and violent.


Kasdea's lusus is a scorpiofly, a large winged arachnid resembling an Earth scorpionfly. Her lusus, despite its appearance, was nurturing and protective, even carrying her on its back when Kasdea was still a grub. Just before entering the game, Kasdea's lusus was slain by an angry rival, with which Kasdea had refused kismesissitude. She then prototyped the slain custodian, allowing the beast to become her guardian sprite.