Arrade Medigo
hello everyone!


Weaver of Time


8 sweeps

Typing style

all lower case, no punctuation other than ! and ? uses the face 0_0 a lot

Strife specibi


Fetch modus

Ouija, Wallet (current)


Land of Ruby and Song


Trying to write Fanfic, History, Playing board games


Bad manners, Loud noises, Bananas

Your name is ARRADE MEDIGO. You are a young Alternian Troll with a habit for PULLING THE STRINGS.You also have a passion for writing FANFICS but you are HORRIFICLY BAD at them. Your friends tend to get annoyed with your MEDDLING, a habit which you seem to be unable to drop. After your friends invited you to PLAY A GAME with them your life has been turned upside down. A few of your friends have even DIED because of it. You strive to be happier ever since you got your BODY back. You are slightly less knowledgeable than some OTHER Trolls, But enjoy spouting out the facts you know.

Arrade Medigo is a male version of Aradia Medigo from an alternate universe.

In her timeline the events were alike to the Canon universe events, but with Gamzie going batshit insane and killing Karkit, finishing with Nepeto murdering Gamzie in revenge.

Arrade hit God Tier very early on in the game after stupidly messing around with time strings and gaining MASSIVE EXPERIENCE.

His Lusus was killed after he unknowingly messed with time strings, but prototyped as a second tier sprite anyway. His Lusus was a dog sized cricket-like creature with horns alike to Arrade.

Also. Weaver of Time? What is a Weaver you ask. Well let me explain.

A Weaver is a class focused around being able to "See" and change the "Strings" of time, fate, space etc. that make up everything in the universe. This ability allows timelines and such to be crossed. Because of this, Arrade's alpha timeline changed often, due to her mindless shenanigans. A Weaver of Fate would be able to edit the fate that they would come across and so on, while a Weaver of Space would be able to edit spatial strings around them yada yada yada you get the idea.