Mage of Light


130 Earth Years or 10 Alaitocii Passes.

Chat Handle,



None, uses proper synatx and grammar and highly eloquent speech.


Three parallel lines slanted upwards at a thirty degree angle, with another pair on the opposite side.

Strife Specibus,

Spearkind, Swordkind, Pistol Kind

Fetch Modus,

Bag of Holding


alaitocBanshee, crush.


Craftworld Alaitoc



alaitocObservance, better known as Vraillius Ardanesh, is the main character of Eldarstuck and the unofficial team leader, a position he assumed for himself due to his abilities as a rather young farseer to see the future. This combined with the fact that he was the youngest of the group, gave him an superiority complex, trying his best to compensate for being younger than the others and being perceived as less wise.


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He tends to be in a permanent mildly bad mood and has little patience for fools. But it's mostly a cover for his own fear that if he does not act this way, he would be perceived as weak and ineffective.


Vrailus wears typical[Eldar Farseer battledress] , He stands at roughly 5'8, noticeably taller than Humans and Trolls of his age group, which is typical of Eldar, but he's also very slender, again, typical of Eldar. His eyes are a dark blue, with almond shaped pupils that betray his alien nature on an otherwise very human seeming body. His black hair is typically kept in a windswept style of medium length, while his long, narrow, and pointed ears frame a boyishly handsome face, though the subtly inhuman qualities can place him in the uncanny valley for some. He has three, one inch wide four inch long green tattoos on each side of his face starting at the base of his jawline and going up at a forty five degree angle. This often raises many questions as to their purpose, the response being that it's Eldar tradition to have at least one Tattoo.


Outside of a brief fling with Anna, he is so far single, though he remains infatuated with Yllireas.