Witch of Rage


134 earth years or 10 Alaitocii Passes (rough equivalent of 13 years biologically)

Chat Handle,



Types with normal syntax and grammar, has a propensity towards Spock speak


A dark blue solar disc and rays over her right eye

Strife Specibus,

SwordKind, PistolKind

Fetch Modus,

Bag of holding


temporalTestification, boyfriend. alaitocObservance, one sided crush from his end. alaitocTracker, ectosibling


Craftworld Alaitoc



alaitocBanshee, or Yllireas Calmyrax; better known as Lily, is Rainbow Rumpus Party Town's unofficial cook with something of an irregular visiting schedule. An Eldar Howling Banshee, she is a warrior by trade; however, she did spend ten years of her life learning how to be a cook in the path of the chef; which leads to her being quite skilled at that particular craft.

At first having problems of dual personalities due to the enforced MPD that Eldar society pushes onto it's citizens to prevent problems with grief and emotional attachment to one's career, Lily has grown to eventually overcome that issue, finding a nice blend between her aggressive and violent war aspect and her pacifistic and motherly peace aspect by the time she attained god tier as apart of a mass ascension scheme to deal with the problems in her somewhat complicated session.

Biography Edit

Coming soon

Personality Edit

As she currently stands, Lily has a kind, nurturing personality, trying to help as much as possible, but when her wrath is aroused she quickly "gets medieval" on the source of her frustrations. She's highly energetic and often gets frustrated with lazy people, and tries her best to fight the typical Eldar urge to watch and reflect as time goes on.

Relationships Edit

Yllireas has long been the object of Vraillius' affections, something she remains oblivious about.

Description (Until we get a picture) Edit

Typically wears full Eldar Howling Banshee battledress though she often removes the helmet. She stands at 5'6 and weighs some 90 or so pounds. Like virtually all Eldar, to Trolls and Humans she seems almost unnaturally tall and thin, but of course to the Eldar Trolls and Humans are short and fat. She has waist length red hair, and when we say red, we mean like crayola crayon red, not just ginger, that she prefers to simply let down, and has an almost startlingly intense stare with her magenta coloured eyes. Like all Eldar, she has long and pointed ears and almond shaped pupils. Unlike most of the Eldar in her session, she sometimes deigns to wear her god tier outfit.