Epheria Phrikei
Epheria Phrikei
Insane? I'm nøt phucking insane! Hahaha!


Seer of Fear


9 Solar sweeps, or 19 Human years



Typing style

Speaks with good grammar and syntax, replacing O/o with ϕ/ø respectively. Also replaces V/F/v/f with Ph/ph respectively. She cackles maniacally at pretty much everything.


Phi, with } { painted around it in her own blood.

Strife Specibi

2xbladeKind (Preferred) jokerKind (Used when needed)


BatDad - Lusus


Land of Light and Nightmares

Epheria Phrikei (or Eferia Frikei), also known by her handle abhorrentEphereal is a light-Indigo blooded Troll. Her last name, Phrikei, is a reference to the Greek spirit of horror and fear, Phrike. Due to her high blood colour, she often refers to those lower than her as lowbloods, though she actually cares very little for the Hemospectrum.


Epheria passed through the trials each young troll goes through rather easily. She was then taken into care by her lusus, BatDad. With BatDad's help she constructed a large complex of crudely built treehouses in a huge, shaded forest wh

Epheria as she reached the God Tiers.

ich serves as her Hive. BatDad continued to care for Epheria up until the night of her fifth wriggling day, when she killed and ate her lusus whilst he was asleep. After her fifth wriggling day she caught, culled and ate other Trolls in order to survive, even going to extent of coming out in the daytime to kill Trolls who were asleep in their recuperacoons. Her frollicking during the day is what caused the blindness in her right eye, which never healed and continues to bleed constantly. Her Hive has little to do and as such she has taken up the hobby of painting. Due to her lack of conventional paints, she often uses the blood leaking from her right eye to paint pictures with, which are often VERY gruesome. Her Hive itself is littered with her various paintings.

During her 9th sweep she was nearly killed when she was cornered by 3 lowblooded trolls outside her hive. She managed to escape in time, but only after she had lost her left eye, leaving her blind. She also lost both of her horns completely, which she would replace later by attaching the horns of Trolls she had killed previously to her head.


Epheria's bright idea to go hunting during day time has given her a mild case of sunstroke, causing her to act in what others may describe as an 'insane' way, for example she often tears and bites at things for no particular reason, carving shapes and symbols into them. She is kind of a huge bitch, often insulting the various flaws she finds in people and deliberately hurting them. She swears constantly and can become angered very easily.

After nearly being killed, she became a lot angrier and even more violent.


Currently she has barely any sort of relationship with anyone, her only 'relation' being her deceased Lusus. Many people find her a little too unbareable to be in a relationship with.


Her Lusus, BatDad, as the name suggests, is a large bat creature with 2 fangs shaped like Epheria's horns, one of them being broken similarly to Epheria's. As previously mentioned, Epheria killed and ate BatDad whilst he was asleep on the night of her fifth wriggling day.

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Epheria talksprite

Epheria's talksprite

Epheria Godtier

Epheria's godtier sprite

Epheria Phrikei 2

Epheria after nearly being killed.